Brian W. Doyle Ph.D  P.E.

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                     Brian Doyle, PhD
Dr. Doyle is a consulting engineer with 40 years experience in air pollution control.  He supported Rutgers University air pollution training from 1976 to 2006.  Initially this consisted of half day lectures to bring real world experience to classes taught by Rutgers faculty.  In 1992 this occasional work expanded when Dr. Doyle became responsible for the development and regular presentation of a three day course titled Combustion Source Inspection.  The success of this course lead to the development and regular presentation of three additional courses for the Rutgers Air Compliance Center.  In 2002, under subcontract to the EPA he wrote the Student Manual and presentation slides for APTI 427 - Combustion Source Evaluation.  While the Rutgers Air Compliance Center, that has provided administrative organization and support for four of these courses, may cease operation at the end of fiscal 2007, Dr. Doyle continues to be available to teach air pollution training courses.  Presentations by Dr. Doyle can be custom tailored to student needs or can be substantially the same as it was when they were offered through Rutgers.


Professional Activities:

    >  1973-2002:  Directed air pollution/combustion control/waste management projects at numerous utilities and  industrial facilities 

    >  1976-present:  Developed and taught courses on air pollution control - primarily for state and federal air regulatory agency staff.

    >  1996-present : Provided structural engineering and design for residential and light commercial buildings in the Pacific Northwest.


Professional Affiliations:

   -Air and Waste Management Association (A&WMA), member since 1975.  Chair of Eastern New York Chapter (1991), Board of Directors - Mid-Atlantic States Section 1993-94.  Organized technical sessions for both national and for Pacific Northwest International Section (PNWIS) meetings on several occasions.

   -American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME), member since 1968.  Chair of Oregon Section (1998)   Member of the PTC19.10 committee.  As regional chair of the History and Heritage Committee (1999-2001) he was instrumental in securing Mechanical Engineering Heritage recognition for the Spruce Goose (built mostly of wood in 1946, it was the first jumbo aircraft) located at the Evergreen Aviation Museum in McMinnville, Oregon.

   -American Society of Civil Engineers, member since 2002


Community Service:

    > 2001-12 Founding board member of Newberg Earlybird Rotary Club Foundation. Helped structure guidelines for the endowment fund and for funding community projects.

    > 2010-13 Communications chair – Newberg City Club.

    > 2008-12 Vice-chair of the Yamhill County chapter of Oregon Small Woodlands Association.

    > 2009-11 Contributed semi-monthly op-ed columns on climate change for the local newspaper.

    > 2000-11   Member and chairman of the Yamhill County Solid Waste Advisory Committee (SWAC) working with concerned citizens to  develop alternatives to a well managed, but growing regional landfill in Yamhill County

    > 1989-90 Member of Putnam County’s (NY) Solid Waste Committee - worked successfully to develop rational and economic garbage transport and disposal alternatives in an area where most of the waste was handled by a criminal cartel.

    > 1987-94 Member of Putnam Valley (NY) Town Planning Board.



Gary Saunders, NC DNR
Mr. Saunders is an engineer with the North Carolina Dept of Natural Resources who manages a variety of special projects.  He has many years experience inspecting and assessing the emissions performance of a wide variety of industrial facilities.  He has developed a variety of training courses and presented them to numerous classes.   He participates in these courses on his own time with the knowledge of his employer and in venues where his participation is not viewed as a conflict of interest.

Chuck Solt
Mr Solt is a consulting engineer with experience in a variety of industries.  He is particularly familiar with engine/turbine emission characteristics and with current permitting requirements for power plants and industrial facilities.  He has been the supporting instructor with Dr. Doyle in teaching both the Combustion Source Inspection and the NOx emissions courses.