Residential or Light Commercial Buildings

Our services range from a one page letter to a full set of construction plans.


If you’re putting up a new building, putting on an addition, or altering the structure you probably need a building permit. If the Building Department says you need an engineer, I can help. 


If you’re planning a construction project and have questions about the design, I can help.  The first call is free and I don’t sell engineering that isn’t needed.

If you’re buying or selling a building and the inspection report calls for an engineer’s opinion, I can help. 

My established reputation means that nearly all my business comes from referrals and returning clients.

Brian W. Doyle Ph.D  P.E.

Project Examples

Large or Small, Simple or Complex

New house: If you’ve purchased plans, that don’t quite conform to Oregon’s Building Code or if you want to make adjustments – I can provide revised plans and/or engineering needed to build the house.

Concept or sketched plans: I can help by designing and drawing as much of the structure – beams, foundations, shear walls, etc – as you need to permit and build it.

Unusual projects: If you want a cantilevered deck, construction with insulated concrete forms or floors with radiant heat, I can help because I’ve done it. I like the challenge of special designs.

Real estate inspection issues: When a report finds a cracked foundation or recommends an engineer, I can help.  I'll tell you if the problem is real or cosmetic and what to do about it.

Barn converted to a shop: Unless it’s purely for agricultural use, a barn must conform to code.  My help ranges from a letter certifying code compliance to plans for necessary improvements.